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Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic
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Welcome to my ClickASnap channel, and have a pleasant stay!
My name is MiloŇ°, I'm 45. I live in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Professional musician, french horn player, for 25 years and counting. First horn of Belgrade Opera Orchestra, of the National Theater in Belgrade. My wife, my best friend, my love Eva is a bassoon player in the same orchestra. We are blessed with two wonderful sons, Jovan is eight and Todor is almost two years old now. My family IS my life.

I've been drawn to magic of light and photography long time ago by my older sister Marija. Ever since, it has been my passion and, in some moment in my life, about 25 years ago, I even made a living out of it by doing wedding photography. Back then, Canon EOS 5 (with vertical grip) was my camera of choice, along with several lenses and a single 430EZ flash. It was nice while it lasted and in the end I sold all my gear and turned to music completely, but my love to photography was always present. So last year, finally, I got enough money to by myself a new camera - brand new Nikon D7100 with 35mm f/1.8G DX lens! And I simply love it!

Taking photos of my family and beautiful nature sites all around us fills me with exciting and pleasant feelings I can't quite explain.

Please, take some time to view my photos, maybe there are one or two you like ;-) Thanks for a visit, and come again soon!