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Hello! And thanks for taking the time out to view my page. I am an established Body Positive Glam Model on Instagram who yearns to expand into other platforms that showcasew my passion for photography. Simply put, I love being admired and there are other aesthetic versions of me that I intend to show here. Meanwhile, I am a Lover and Hobbyist of Photography, Art and Writing with a passion to transition from a novice to an advanced Multi-Hobbyist; that I have the pleasure of developing over the years on my mobile phone! Photography is truly my anti-depressant. It allows me to escape and conquer decompress. Although I am not a professional photographer, I appreciate the beauty of images and it's contribution to my healing; that in many ways gives me a peace that surpasses all understanding. You will also see a broad range of my creative arts that ranges from food, fashion, hair, comedy, portraits of my children at times and classy boudoir lingerie...And Yes, there is always two sides of each coin. Click below to see what I mean:

Of course, all photos of any humans thus far are of me or my children and or other family members that were taken by me and all the weight changes I have endured throughout my surviving depression during the highs and lows of my life. Stay tuned for more of Doc~Art!

~I Am Beauty, I Am Art, I am Doc-Art!

When examining my photos, please feel free to comment and make any suggestions regarding which budget friendly professional camera you think would be best to use to enhance the quality of my pictures. Because I really do not know lol. After all, again I am just a Lover and Hobbyist of this Creative Art. Thanks in advance for your support! ~ I am Beauty, I am Art, I am Doc-Art!