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Hi, my name is Tom. Born and raised in Luxembourg, a tiny nation in the heart of Europe. Exploring the beautiful planet we call home and capturing the moments with my camera helps to create unforgettable memories and taking people along with me. Weapon of choice, Fujifilm XT2. I'm still and amateur photographer, but constantly working on my skillset, and chasing big ambitions. And that's exactly why I'm here. My aim is to showcase my work and to exchange with / learn from like-minded individuals. You will mostly find travel pics from trips I have take in recent years. I have not yet developed my unique still, thus you will find a bit of variety when it comes to editing, composition and colors. If you enjoy some of the pics please leave a like or comment so that I can get back to you and check out your work as well. :) Travel Pics uploaded so far: Luxembourg - Luxembourg City Spain - Palma de Mallorca, Pollenca, Madrid Portugal - Lisbon Austria - Vienna UK - Stonehenge, Cotswolds Norway - Bergen, Pulpit Rock, Stavanger, Oslo Switzerland - Rigi Kulm, Zurich You can also follow me on IG @tom.s.travel.snaps for a more selective view of my work. Or if you just want to reach out, chat about the place I have visited or the way I captured the moment. Have fun. Cheers! Tom