About Us

ClickaSnap; The world's’ first and only one stop shop for sharing, managing and monetising your art

We want to help people earn money for their work. We are tired of parasitic companies capitalising on your work earning billions whilst you earn nothing. ClickaSnap is here to address that. With systems in place to sell your photos as downloads, physical prints, earn per view, private art galleries, and the ability to licence your photos with world first licensing systems. We are constantly innovating to ensure you receive the best experience, the most exposure, and most importantly real money for your content.

We want ClickSnap to be the world's’ largest still image club, learn from masters, teach others, watch your content be subjectively judged by real people unknowingly rating your content. Join in conversations, spend time on our forums, upload your content, lose no rights, earn money for that next lens. Help us grow, and in turn we will help you earn an income. Welcome to Web 3.0, the web companies that give back

The Team: