Animals Photos

Photographing your pets, or any domesticated animal is classed as pet photography. It requires a certain set of skills and patience to tackle if you want to do it well. Your pets are incredibly unpredictable and in a lot of cases very fast! This gives you a set of challenges before you?ve even picked up a camera!

Some photographers step away from this natural, candid state and opt for portraits. People are much easier to manage than animals. It is difficult enough trying to get a human to sit there and take direction while you snap away trying to get a good shot. What about animals who love to run fast in the garden? Good luck at catching that!

And many animals can run long distances making them not only hard to catch up with, but hard to breath once you do! Luckily, domesticated animals and pets will do most things for a snack or treat, which makes animal photography much easier. But toys however can make a pet very excited, so more treats, less toys!

Often, it's better to have a small collection of incredible pet photographs that artfully capture the true essence of your furry friend. Going beyond a smartphone camera, photographers have elevated the subject matter with their professional equipment and above all, a keen eye. Paired with creative thinking, these images of animals become unforgettable.

Some of the best pet photography goes beyond ?cute? and looks into the soul of an animal through their eyes, giving the viewer an emotional connection like no other. After all, us humans are wired to want to look after kittens and puppies.

Like other facets of photography, there are tips and tricks that professionals use to make sure that they're getting the most from their animal subject. Over the years, we?ve heard from pet photographers who?ve given us insight into their process. Much of their advice isn?t all that different from any other subject.

Photos of pets and animals can be seen in pet stores, dog grooming magazines and in equestrian settings all over the place. Equine photography for example shows how majestic these beautiful creatures are. Horses jumping over huge jumps in a show make epic pictures, especially thanks to the latest technology in cameras enabling the photographer to capture immense definition in one click.

Using pictures of dogs, or cat photos in commerce is a popular way of tapping into the viewers mind, getting deeper within and sowing seeds of interest to increase the chance of more sales of a product.

We have these images all in one place, ready for you to scroll through and find the perfect pet picture that meets your exact requirements. Our high definition animal photos are taken by photographers of all skill sets, but we ensure that the animal images you see are of the highest quality.