Art Photos

We will admit, the lines of art photography can be a bit blurred. As art comes in so many forms, the crossover between art and photography can be almost invisible at times. But to put it simply, it?s best to consider art photography as any other art form. Let's use a painting as an example.

When you look at a painting, certain creative techniques such as long brushstrokes can be used as ways to communicate an intended message. Today, manipulation photography, or developing the photograph in black and white are techniques to create contemporary photography. By doing this, art photographers are able to adapt the images and make them even more so their own, therefore further communicating any intended messages they may have.

Another way to consider photographs as artworks is to look at the way they are categorised. Paintings are sorted into art movements depending on the time period they were created, the interests of the artists or the style of the piece. And the same can be said for art photography.

While art photographers work in the same styles and movements as artists working with other mediums, they also have the ability to create their own categories. For example, popular among these artists is documentary photography, which of course cannot be found in paintings!

To appreciate a painting, you must consider what's beyond what you immediately see. Commercial photographers and photojournalists photograph the obvious. On the other hand, art photographers approach their talents following much research and thought and try to capture the social or political issues behind each image.

What's most important is to record their vision of the subject in the way that the photographer sees it. Therefore, in art photography, there is a sense that the image is being captured by an artist, not just by the camera.

This artistic capture is desired by other professionals in all kinds of industries. Museums and galleries need art photography for their promotional pieces and advertising. Aspiring artists and university students need photos of art to use in their portfolios. You may be looking for examples of art photography for a website that you're working on. You may want photos of art to use in a show or performance, or art images to simply reprint and hang up on your wall at home or in the office.

The application of news photography is endless.

Social media opens up multiple opportunities to showcase art photography and use it to generate a greater following. Even if it's not you that has taken the picture, it can still be used within social media.

All of the high quality images that we have are there to use how you want to, although the searching is sometimes difficult, we make it as easy as possible for you, saving you valuable time which you can spend on your project.