Astrophotography Photos

Have you ever been out at night and taken some photographs of the gently glowing, low-slung harvest moon? Perhaps you've taken pictures of the ISS as it flies through our sky once in a blue moon? Or have you seen images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope?

If so, you've already had an introduction into astrophotography; which is simply taking a photograph of an object in space, whether it's with a point-and-shoot camera, the Hubble Space Telescope or any other type of camera. And the subject matter can include anything from the moon to the Milky Way.

The exploration of space has boomed in recent years with the likes of Elon Musk sending rockets into space like it was a bus ride to the shops, photography techniques have progressed too. Naturally, observatories and orbiting telescopes have expanded the progression of photographing astronomical objects. Scientists constantly push the limits, developing new techniques and tools to achieve greater photographic precision at unfathomable distances.

Going back in time, the first photograph of an astronomical object, in this case the Moon, was taken in 1840. But it was not until the late 19th century that advances in technology allowed for more detailed stellar photography. Today, we have the Hubble space telescope; a superpowered mega camera that can see far away positions in space that no human could never reach. The images that this camera produces are simply beautiful, showing colours and textures that we simply don?t see on the little blue marble we?re sitting on.

UFO's aren't always aliens checking out our planet, sometimes, but not always.

However, many of us have taken pictures of the sky when we see something up there that looks a little out of place. UFO pictures have been in circulation for decades, and these space images have been used in articles and magazines all over the world!

Pictures of stars, pictures of the moon, and outer space images are becoming increasingly clear and high definition thanks to how camera technology has accelerated in recent years. The moon is so clear in some shots that you can almost see what looks like settlements on the surface, giving you the ability to look around each crater with incredible detail.

Of course, this means that the quality of imagery is at an all-time high, as standard, which is great for people like you that are searching for ultra-high definition images of space to use in professional applications.

Images of space are used not only to help scientists understand the universe, but they?re also used much more locally than light years away. Pictures of space are used in a variety of applications, from using images for backgrounds in music videos and promotional footage to YouTube videos and articles. We have a huge selection of astrophotography pictures available for you to use in the ways you need to.