Birds Photos

Birds are fascinating creatures, but it's not so easy to get a decent picture of a bird. Wild birds usually don?t exactly pose for you, moreover, it's often difficult to get close enough to the things to take quality pictures! But if you know some basics of bird photography, it becomes much easier to capture amazing moments of the birds' life.

As a genre, bird photography is one of the most challenging. But, with a little know-how and some technical skills getting stunning bird photographs is something that anyone can achieve.
Birdwatching has been a quintessential part of the British culture for centuries, even before the invention of the camera. So, the United Kingdom is a great place to find some of the best bird photography images in the world, thanks to the country's luscious countryside and woodland.

Brothers Richard and Cherry Kearton are often considered the world?s earliest wildlife photographers. They took the first photograph taken of a bird?s nest with eggs in 1892! This inspired them to produce the first ever nature book entirely illustrated by photographs called ?British birds? nests: how, where and when to find and identify them?.

This information acted as a catalyst for other photographers, encouraging them to push the limits of bird photography. Through digitalization, automation and other advances in modern wildlife photography, the techniques used by the earliest bird photographers are nearly unrecognisable to us today. But we can definitely learn something from their patience, ingenuity and determination!

With digital and modern equipment, it is a lot easier taking images of birds now than it was before the rise of digital cameras. Auto focus and huge zoo mining potential means that those hard to get shots are easy at a distance where you don?t disturb the little birdies.

Also known as Ornithology; there are several styles of bird photography, ranging from inflight pictures of birds in motion to close up still shots. These styles all depend on the equipment used and the photographer's skill. It is incredibly challenging to catch the perfect shot of a flying bird, making sure that the focus and shutter speed is correct.

Freeze motion shots are taken by using a fast shutter speed, so hummingbirds and other birds with a fast wing speed are perfect for these kinds of shots, capturing the stillness of the bird's body and head while also catching the high speed of its wings.

Bird photography is very popular on social media with thousands of hashtags associated with it. Images of birds in their natural habitat, in the Amazonian rain forests or down the local beach, are fully stocked in our bird photography image bank.

If you are looking for bird photography, or any kind of picture of birds, we have the best bird pictures for you to use, all of exceptional clarity and definition.