Buildings Photos

Virtually any image of a structure or building qualifies as architectural photography; this helps to explain why this form of photography is so popular. Whether classical, old, modern or anything in between, architecture makes for a great subject in any frame.

At first glance, it might seem like architecture photography is all about prestige projects, sparkling corporate headquarters, and high-rise skyscrapers. However, there can be much more to architectural photography if you look a little deeper.

Architecture is a rather diverse field. It basically means the design and construction of buildings or the style in which a building is built. Architecture styles vastly differ from country to country, even from town to town. Very local architecture that is heavily inspired by the local conditions and traditions is known as ?vernacular architecture? ? and that is the kind of built environment that inspires me most in my architectural photography.

Take the Netherlands for example. Cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam have very narrow buildings filling their streets, but these are often 5 or 6 stories tall. Cross over the border and you will find German bungalows with basement rooms as standard, almost living in a subterranean world.

The contrast between the two is obvious, yet there is only a matter of miles separating them.

Huge multinational organisations spend millions on fabricating jaw dropping structures filled with office space. These are designed to be breath-taking, bold yet functional. But this all comes at a cost.
The Shard in London for example cost almost half a billion pounds!

The cities in the sky, or the disused barn in the Midwest all make great architecture photos. Architecture magazines often feature some amazing pictures of buildings, not only the finished product, but the design process too; showing the viewer exactly how that structure was created.

Architecture is all around us. So, you literally have a limitless number of opportunities to use these amazing photos of cities, buildings and barns. Whether it?s the old, character-heavy house down the street from you or the majestic church located in a major city, interesting buildings and structures abound all over the place.

Photos of people and architecture are used by conceptual designers in the architecture industry, (the kind of designers that create an artist's impression of the finished result of a building project before it?s finished). Architects often use photos of buildings for inspiration for their next project.

No matter what you need architecture photos for, we have them, all in one place and all of the highest quality!