Comedy Photos

Comedy comes in a spectrum of forms. It can cover anything from today's internet memes to comedians performing on stage. Even animals are getting some of the spotlight - Funny animal pictures seem to be a firm winner when it comes to getting someone to laugh.

Traditional comedy photography was admired during the early years, bringing the likes of Charlie Chaplin to the masses. In those days, combining visual and audio was a challenge, so silent movies were the easiest way to create watchable moving pictures. The evolving media at the time helped comedy photography erupt and encouraged a need for funny pictures on a worldwide scale, to be used in publications, magazines, advertising and more.

In the 2000's, thanks to social media, internet comedy has taken off. An individual can make millions of people laugh by one simple post.

This encourages an influx of comedy pictures to be uploaded onto social media accounts, forums and image banks, simply because it is so easy to create and share. Some people have gone from nothing, a nobody, sitting in their bedroom with a smartphone, to a worldwide comedy celebrity almost overnight; until the next person steps up and creates something just as funny.

This has opened doors to photography that have never been opened before. Forward facing cameras enable trillions of comedic selfies to be uploaded to the internet for your viewing pleasure.

But the definition of comedy has changed over the years. Now, 3 monkeys on a motorcycle gets more recognition than some of the world's greatest on stage and film comedians. Wildlife seems to be the most common form of comedy photos. Type comedy photography into a search engine and that is all you will get. Pictures of animals doing their thing can be lots of fun, especially when they like to act like human beings!

Swearing babies and waving chipmunks seem to be creating more and more laughter in the various platforms and social media apps we have access to today. If this is the case, it makes sense to feed this need for laughter and keep the worlds energy as high as it can be.

Having access to good quality pictures of comedians, funny animal photos or pictures ready for memes is difficult mainly because they have been over used and seen by everyone already.
As we've identified an increase in demand for these funny pictures, we've made a special effort to compile and organise these images for your use.

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