Concept-shoot Photos

Concept shooting, or conceptual photography is similar to advertising and photojournalism. The definition of concept shooting is: Photography that illustrates an idea.

Firstly, concept shooting involves some intense analysing of the 'message' that the photographer wants to convey. Secondly, concept shooting involves careful consideration of your audience and how the message will touch them most powerfully. It seems to be more emotional, tapping into your mind in its most vulnerable places and forming an unforgettable bond with your brain. As concept shooting is cantered on emotions, and the telling of a story in its message, it involves a great deal of ?mental? preparation, rather than on scene analysing.

Imagination is a big part of concept shoot photography. It is about imagination and ideas, planning and getting what you need to create the image, and finally, the creation of the image.

The range of photography included under this title of concept photography has diversified hugely with the availability of photo-editing software such as Photoshop. This allows anyone with a computer to create an image which is other than a direct representation of what was in front of the lens.

Likewise, platforms such as Instagram and Flickr have allowed any smartphone user to share their photography and create entire portfolios of work. Thanks to this, the number of conceptual photography images available online has gone sky high!

Concept shooting can be done anywhere, in any setting, as long as there is some kind of story or emotion behind it.

In many instances, photography normally starts with an image or a place. People go out somewhere that you think will be interesting and take photos. Once you get home you put the photos on your computer, and for a lot of people, that is all besides some basic post-processing. There is nothing wrong with working that way, but conceptual photography starts out differently.

Conceptual photography is often very imaginative and can sometimes seem unreal. Often reality in the photos is distorted, and what the viewers know as normal has completely changed. Then there are also some people who are doing things that aren?t as imaginative. They are changing some things, or exaggerating reality to a lesser degree.

The advertising industry uses this kind of photography to associate products with attractive ideas that go deeper, engaging more response from the potential consumer. It can also be used to highlight social problems to be thought provoking, as well as in education to help students think more about what they see and helping them grasp abstract ideas that are sometimes difficult to explain.

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