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Hi, I'm Brian, I Started photography nearly 50 years ago. My dad gave me a box brownie which I shot at least a half dozen rolls of film on none of which ever got processed. Still I had the bug and eventually my dad swapped me a camera I had then bought for his Contax with a few lens. Beautiful camera, wish I still had it. (lost in a divorce) I now own 2 Nikon D300's and a Pentax. K01 mirrorless

I love monochrome. In my younger days I bought Ilford HP5 (in bulk) and push processed it to 3200ASA under very warm conditions- nearly boil push process, (during development.) I found that it compressed the tones a look which I really liked. I hope you will find this style still reflected in quite a bit of my more current work now only I have to utilise filters and software. I had a large gap where i wasn't involved in any photograghy, then about 8 years ago rediscovered my passion. Enjoy.