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Dylan Burgess
Dylan Burgess
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Wildlife and nature photographer based in NE England, UK. My main focus and passion is photographing birds, but enjoy all wildlife and time spent out in nature.

I have also put together a few quick guides to help anyone who is interested in bird photography:

I would love to read your thoughts or answer any questions you may have, just drop a comment on an image. I try to reply to all.

Always enjoy browsing new images posted here and looking for inspiration from all types of art.

If you enjoy a photo of mine please let me know why. Just drop a comment letting me know why, this is much more meaningful to me than just clicking the "like" button.

Copyright for all images posted here belongs with Dylan Burgess. Unless where otherwise stated, no images may be reproduced without express written permission. Images for sale are for personal use only. They may NOT be used for commercial use or re-posted online.