Fashion Photos

There's a big difference between fashion photography and standard clothing product photography. The two are related, but only just. Photography for clothing, accessories and other retail products is always focused on the product. The goal is to minimize distraction and present the product at its absolute best in a consistent and easily browsed manner to increase sales as much as possible.

Fashion photography is focused on branding, incorporating the models, locations, props and other aspects of the shoot take on a huge part of the bigger picture. The goal is to create something unique that will arrest the eye and staying the mind of the viewer, creating an identity that becomes attached to the product and, subsequently the brand.

Most people will have probably connected photography to fashion shows in the fashion industry and that is not wrong at all. Photography has been playing a very important part in the fashion industry for years and its contributions are many. It has a lot to offer to fashion and it can not only help visually describe it in its most natural moments, but it can also give it a way to spread and grow.

To get a better understanding of the term, let's explore a few of the different types of fashion photography:

Editorial fashion, the most common place to find fashion photography. Fashion magazines feature this style of photography. In most cases, there is a story running through the shoot in some way, quite often encompassing and luring in the audience, to spend a few extra seconds focusing on that content.

High Fashion involves big fashion brands and labels advertising their products using this style of photography. They normally feature supermodels, famous actors and actresses. Catalogue Photography is used by companies that print to market their products to their consumers. This is basically an information image where the model is made to pose against a certain background and you see the clothes very clearly, getting the viewer that little bit closer to a purchase.
Street Fashion Photography is all about people of the street. It?s about capturing the spirit of what is fashionable amongst typical people, what they wear, how they perceive style and how they make a statement with their clothes.

As you can probably tell, pictures of fashion are seen all over the world, in what we read, what we view and where we buy our stuff, whatever that stuff may be. But someone has to put them there.

You don't have to choose one photography style when it comes to the application of fashion photography. Plenty of successful content creators can apply these various styles to their artwork by editing backgrounds and cutting out unwanted content.

These fashion photos are used by advertising companies, promotional businesses and freelancers, all of which are trying to find exceptional quality images all in one place.

We take the hassle out of searching for fashion photos by putting them all in one place, easy to find with no endless scrolling though low-quality images.