Food Photos

The photography of food has been put on steroids and a protein rich diet. It?s huge!

It is supposedly the second most popular subject of photography fanatics on Instagram, after the selfie tsunami that hit when the forward-facing camera became a standard feature on smartphones. Food photography is a very specific genre, as it demands a passion and a deep understanding of the products let's remember that ice cream melts, caramel sticks, and fresh herbs wither.

Before the age of the internet, pictures of food were only used as a way for restaurants and eateries to get their products seen by potential customers, be that on menus, advertising or editorial content.

Now, food pics are everywhere, especially on social media. Food bloggers, as they are known, make a living off eating amazing food, and then promoting it via social media. This concept was unheard of twenty years ago, but now the internet is filled with pictures of food, showing every style of cuisine from every country in the world. Food photos are all too easy to create which makes this kind of photography a breeze to find. It all comes down to the quality of the image which will set you apart from the others.

A beautifully executed food image will make the viewer's mouth water and their stomach rumble, so that execution is very important. The composition of food pics seems to be very uniform and a lot of photographers use similar techniques. Lots of saturation brings out the colours of ingredients on the plate. The right lighting amplifies the colours even more.

Blurry backgrounds ensure 100% focus on the food. But these aren't the only techniques and settings used; Pictures of restaurants in the city, or photos of fields filled with delicious sweetcorn for example, all come under the category of Food Photography. It doesn?t have to be on a plate, it can be anywhere, from the ground it was grown into the industries that create it, it?s all things food!

The resting place for these pictures can be found everywhere. Cookbooks, menus, advertisements and websites are just a few. You can use our images of food for all of the mentioned, if you?re writing a cookbook, you will inevitably need pictures of food. It would be pretty boring without them!

If you're in advertising, you might need images of food for your latest billboard? Whatever the need. We've got your back.

If you were stuck for inspiration in the kitchen, look no further. There are millions of pictures online that will give you new ideas when it comes to cooking. We have a fairly wealthy cross section of great food photography examples in one easy to find location, ready and waiting to get your teeth into, drool over and incorporate within your design, artwork or project.