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by gjesdal
Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:17 am
Topic: Pay per view value
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Re: Pay per view value

I wish all my stocks grew at this pace! :lol:
Great work Tom!
by gjesdal
Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:46 pm
Forum: Investing In Clickasnap
Topic: Q1 2020 report
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Re: Q1 2020 report

Good read!
by gjesdal
Tue Dec 24, 2019 11:13 am
Forum: Investing In Clickasnap
Topic: Q4 2019 report
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Re: Q4 2019 report

Good read!
Merry Christmas
by gjesdal
Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:54 pm
Forum: Clickasnap Site Updates
Topic: Site updates 19/12/19
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Re: Site updates 19/12/19

Thanks for the google analytics!

It will be interesting to monitor.

Edit: Didn't take long before I could see myself looking at it :)
by gjesdal
Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:30 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Free promotion
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Re: Free promotion

Not sure if it's too late to join, but here is one from me

My portraits:
by gjesdal
Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:10 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: I wan’t to learn
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Re: I wan’t to learn

Hi, in my opinion, you will learn since you have the perfect attitude to learn; "I want to learn"! Not everyone wants feedback and advice on their photos so a lot of people are hesitant to give feedback on photos without it being very clear that the photographer actually is looking for feedback. My ...
by gjesdal
Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:01 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Bye bye flickr
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Re: Bye bye flickr

After I joined CaS, I tend to do a quick calculation of my Flickr views and what that would have been on CaS... I do know that the views on Flickr are a bit bloated and can't really compare to how CaS calculates the paid views, but still... :D Just hit 30 million views on Flickr today, my wife would...
by gjesdal
Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:17 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Next updates
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Re: Next updates

tomoswald wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:27 pm
We’re actually now including this in the normal Pro account and won’t be releasing a higher cost tier
I already was looking forward to the new features, but this change :o
I think this is a very wise move.
by gjesdal
Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:43 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Game Over. Pietro Ebner win.
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Re: Game Over. Pietro Ebner win.

Name didn't ring a bell for me, had to search for him.
Can't say I've seen any of his photos before.

Agree with Tom, nothing wrong with those photos he post.
by gjesdal
Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:50 pm
Forum: Clickasnap Site Updates
Topic: Latest updates 24/09/18
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Re: Latest updates 24/09/18

Top Contributors is all wrong. It shows 4-5 people listed 3-5 times :)