Idea For A Monthly CAS Competition

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Idea For A Monthly CAS Competition

Post by thek00kykiwi » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:00 pm

Something I have enjoyed about the various photography forums I participate in are the weekly/monthly challenges and/or competitions. It helps the creative process by encouraging us to get out and take a shot in a category/style that might not be our usual preference.

Offering competitions inevitably then raises the question .. how to reward the winner. And I was thinking this morning, that I'd be quite motivated to enter a competition that was offered regularly (Monthly perhaps?) where the reward for winning that challenge was to have your winning photo promoted free of charge for 1 week.

This mode of competition/reward could achieve several objectives:

1) Promoting participation - attracting new entrants and motivating existing ones to keep active.
2) Promoting quality - you can encourage entrants to increase the quality of their submissions by setting competition criteria.
3) Promoting the community collaboration - entrants are quite likely to compare and discuss a collection of submissions that have a common theme.
4) Keeping it fresh - if there is something new to look for each week or month, this will keep people interested, and regularly coming into the site.

Your thoughts??

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Re: Idea For A Monthly CAS Competition

Post by tomoswald » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:15 pm

Very good idea, currently we are working on completing the site and leaving beta. Once this is done we will start actively marketing the site and photo competitions will be a big part of that

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