Sony a7ii Body Only Mint with very low shutter count

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Sony a7ii Body Only Mint with very low shutter count

Post by dabhand16 » Sat Aug 06, 2022 11:44 am

Under2 1/2 years old with low shutter count - 1958.

Sony Manual, half case, Sony USB 1.5 amp power supply and cable. 1 x Sony battery and 5 x third party batteries (all good and 2 bought by me recently), third party twin charger with 3 amp charger, Sony a7ii guide book - The Sony A7 II: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide.

I bought this camera specifically for use with vintage manual focus lenses in April 2022 but I have now had a light bulb moment and change of direction. I sold my beloved Nikon D850 to get on the Nikon Z system so now I don't need the Sony anymore.

I took great care in selecting this camera to buy as I was intending to keep it for a long time, which is why I bought another two batteries for it. My seller bought it new as a 2nd camera in May 2020 and when I bought it in April 2022 the shutter count was between 11-1200. He bought it as a 2nd camera, already having another. Now he's bought an a7iii so sold me this one. When I first put a memory card into the camera to format it the camera would not accept it and threw an error message. So I panicked a bit and formatted it in my computer before formatting it in the camera and in doing this I lost the shutter count. Sony seem to record the shutter count differently to other cameras and from what I've seen on line the memory card is, or can be involved. Now I find that if you use a card that has been in another camera, if you select rebuild database in the error message, you can format the card and the file numbers are maintained. DOH! So just the first 11/1200 have been lost. Now the total shutter count at time of writing is 1958, so since I've had it I've taken 858 pictures and I'm still using it.

£570 posted to UK addresses only

Bundle for those interested in or starting out with vintage lenses
This will make the perfect base for using vintage manual focus lenses (or any manual focus lenses) as there is no crop factor 'lengthening' the focal length of the lenses (especially frustrating with wider lenses) with this full frame camera and some vintage lenses have pleasing bokeh at the edge of the frame that a crop camera does not fully show or doesn't show at all.

Six good quality lens adaptors for Pentax PK>Sony E, Minolta MD>E, Olympus OM>E, Tamron Adaptall 2>E and 2 x M42>Sony E - with 4 Sony E fit end caps and a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8 lens with clean optics, smooth aperture ring and a slight click at one point in the focus range, but fully working.

£670 posted to UK addresses only

No pictures at the moment but I'll do some if you are interested. Contact me on cameracraft@rocketmail.cpm

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