SAAL Photobook Review

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SAAL Photobook Review

Postby petermillar » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:06 am

Part One Thanks to a post here on the ClickASnap Forum, I found out about the opportunity to get a free photobook from SAAL in Germany, in exchange for writing a review. After (presumably) passing the audition, they sent a voucher valid for two weeks and I ended up with a free photobook. So, in exchange, here is the review. The various tags and so on are : @saal_digital #saaldigital

The software: I am not a great computer user, but still found it manageable and fairly intuitive having become used to other programs. For example, control-Z = "undo", which is the same as photoshop (and something I had to do quite a lot when trying to design a book).

One criticism is the "Help" function, which could be more comprehensive. My main issue (and this is a Tip for users) was finding a way to centre the image on a page. In the end I worked it out myself - you click on the layers symbol on the right of the screen, it pops out, click on the image box, then click on the "mountain" symbol bottom right of the screen. At this point all sorts of useful options turn up, including centre vertically and horizontally, and image resizing.

Manufacturing and delivery (to my local Post Office) were quick and efficient. At first glance, the book looked as I expected - in fact probably better than expected. The quality of the photos themselves is fantastic, much better than I have experienced from some printers in the past.

There are people in the book, including some in colour. Now, after dire warnings about the perils of colour matching (thanks Mike Browne & Co.), I have invested in a DataColor Spyder calibrator thing, and use it on my laptop screen every month or so. However, beyond that, the technicalities are a mystery. I do not attempt to mess about with Color Space or any of that stuff and just rely on the printer. So I do not know what (if anything) SAAL did in this respect, but am happy to be able to report that the colours came out just fine!

The book itself is going to be given some "stress testing" (i.e. handled and commented on by my friends) before I finish reviewing. Any outcomes and thoughts will go below.
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Re: SAAL Photobook Review

Postby tomoswald » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:33 am

nice review, maybe we should get them on site

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