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Adaptor that allows the use of Nikon lenses on Fuji X mount Cameras

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:00 pm
by dabhand16
Posted this in Cameras and Lenses, but thought it would not go amiss here too.

As a long time Nikon user, I started my mirrorless journey with Fuji and I'm not the only one who has dSLR and a CSC from different makers.
I've got a manual adaptor for using Nikon lenses on the Fuji. Manual focus is not an issue, but can be limiting in certain situations. I favour the older Nikon D lenses with aperture rings to get semi auto exposure control and easier manual exposure. The Nikon G lenses (and more recent lenses) with no physical aperture ring on the lens only have limited and crude aperture control with my adaptor and many adaptors don't have any aperture control.

I very recently found a new adaptor that enables autofocus with Nikon lenses (that have focus motors in the lens) on my Fuji cameras. It also offers aperture control with Nikon G lenses and above with the rear command dial, just as my Nikons do.

They also make adaptors for other lens and camera combinations and I suspect that they will be increasing their range too. So far they have Nikon F>Fuji X, Canon EF/EFS>Fuji X, Canon EF/EFS >Nikon Z, Contax 645>Fuji GFZ and Contax N/645>Sony E.

I can only speak on the Fuji and they say that on the earlier models the AF might not work as well as later models, and the more sensitive AF points will work better than the peripheral ones. I've yet to test this but so far with my XT-4 the central focus points are fine. They have detailed compatibility charts and information available.

In the Nikon compatibility chart they include some lenses + 1.4x and 2 x teleconverters and are updating the firmware regularly. Here is a video showing focus tracking using a Fuji S-X10 with a Nikon 500mm f4: ... film-x-s10

The price is eye-watering as it is not just a chunk of metal. However I have bought one and now have nine more lenses that I can use with my Fujis. Cheaper than buying 9 Fuji lenses :)

My Nikon fit Sigma lenses work OK too.

I got mine from Amazon as there is an easy returns system, but it looks like a keeper.

Re: Adaptor that allows the use of Nikon lenses on Fuji X mount Cameras

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:01 pm
by dabhand16
To add a bit more to this, today I tried testing the performance of the AF points at the edges and corners of the frame. I chose my old Nikon 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 Kit lens and stopped down to f5.6 so as not to gain anything from a fast lens at f2.8.

My Fuji XT-4 is set to use 117 focus points (out of 425).

I'm very happy to say that the AF works just fine on images I took with focus points in a corner, in the middle edges of the frame and I ended up with one using the central AF point on something 1 metre from the camera at 70mm hand held at 1/4 sec which turned out very well. The lens has no stabilisation so the IBIS was also doing its stuff! .

Re: Adaptor that allows the use of Nikon lenses on Fuji X mount Cameras

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:01 pm
by dabhand16
Well the last test above was a waste of time!

I took the pictures using the corner and edge focus points as the adaptor instructions said that AF was not so good using the less sensitive peripheral focus points. Then I checked and found that all 425 focus points across the frame on the Fuji XT-4 are phase detection!! The instructions must be a C&P from other less well specified camera makes...... :)

So in the light of this I bolted my 1.7x TC onto my Nikon 300mm f4 - making it a 510mm f6.3 and went into my small and freezing garden. I just wanted to see how the lens focused and chose some near and far subjects and a near and poor contrast subject as the others were higher contrast.

Really pleased with the performance of the adaptor and lens and the camera IBIS too. So my testing is now pretty much complete. I want to give my Sigma 150-600 Sport a decent go at some point. Maybe when it warms up a bit. Hard enough to hand hold (but not impossible) at 600mm without shivering too!