SAAL Photo Booklet Review

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SAAL Photo Booklet Review

Post by petermillar » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:19 am

I have previously done a review of the SAAL photobook, which is here:


The software is the same, so the fault, or "tip for users" that I described, still applies (i.e. about how to position the photo on the page). To be honest, the design software is still "not great" in my opinion. However that is purely based on the fact that there does not seem to be an automatic "centering" or snapping facility like you get with Blurb.

Everything else, however, was great again. The colours matched my (calibrated) screen; production and delivery were almost instant; quality was good. The issue of "quality" is particularly important, because a lot of ring bound books seem to fall apart when handled (shows, festivals, etc,). That will not happen with the SAAL - binding is solid. That means no issues if you want to leave the booklet lying around in places like waiting rooms.

If you read part 2 of the first review, you will know that I will be reluctant to try it out in the rain ... however, based on appearances, the coating (matt as opposed to gloss) looks like it would be less vulnerable to water than the book was. And, given my lifestyle ... raindrops will inevitably meet booklet at some point, so I will let you know what happens. However, one thing to add is that there is a clear plastic front and rear cover for people worried about this sort of thing.

And finally, I am still thinking about "uses for photobooks / photobooklets that do not involve weddings". So one day there will be a post about that!

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