Bugs and stuff

Report any bugs you find in here and we will aim to address is as soon as we can
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Bugs and stuff

Post by OntologicalSsin » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:18 pm

-image count dont grow during upload
-uploaded png 24 files get altered in colour, kontrast, highlights
-next image button jumps images
-zoom cuts and crops images...is usless overall...movable zoom would be great...zoom in deep and move around the image...
-watching images on mozilla wont generated views or paid views...tried this on different system with different connection not logged in and without addblocker...
-new activity board is standard(good) but is crap for clickasanap...people just like and dont view images anymore...make the images smaller we like to earn some money as well xD (upload always two images now so they cant just like one)...last time got 9 likes and 2 views(unpaid/standard) after 30min...one view was mine...thats dissapointing and totaly rips your marketing idea to shreds...dont bother to tell me if the image is great they will view it...NO we live in a different time people flick through content...

-i read that people with subscription get a better place to be shown at the front page...if that its true its AWFUL!!!...its called pay to win...and hated by many...

Tom i followed you from the beginning...you doing great...keep it up...but dont lose focus...i saw to many stand alone companys fail...keep up the good work...

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Re: Bugs and stuff

Post by tomoswald » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:25 pm

Mozilla isn’t currently supported by us, too small a market. It will be addressed in time

Zoom is being fixed, zoom actually doesn’t crop it’s cropped prior to the zoom action. But has already been mentioned

If people flick through content you have to find things that they won’t flick through, and/or write detailed explanations so they pause and read it

Not sure what the rest of that paragraph means or relates to

Yes Pro account holders have their images constantly promoted. You can also do this by upgrading or paying to promote your content, it’s £5 a month. Reach is not restricted on any accounts so it is a way of constantly reaching new users with your imagery.

Thankyou for the feedback

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