I want to upgrade but can't see my paid views making a profit

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I want to upgrade but can't see my paid views making a profit

Post by tomoswald » Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:40 pm

Our paid accounts aren't necessarily there for you to make a profit out of with your paid views (but it will certainly help alot!). They are there to make your life easier as a photographer, and give you an unmatched plethora of features for your use, including, unrivalled image protection technology, print on demand with international delivery, our automated marketing systems and more. Let's do a quick comparsion:

Cost £57 if paid annually, £7.19 monthly (£216 annually if you wish to sell photos)

What do you get:
A website (great, but you now have to SEO it and drive traffic and there's no community)
Ability to sell photos (15% commission)
No image protection at all, including no right click download protection

Cost £109.92 paid every 2 years

What do you get?
Upload photos

Cost £119 annually

What do you get?
Upload photos

Cost £57.60 annually

What do you get?
Unrivalled image protection
Sell your photos in hundreds of formats (less than 5% commission)
Link pinterest, Facebook and twitter
Automatically send photos to your social media 24 hours a day, promoting your content non stop
Credits to promote your images and account on Clickasnap
Integration of google analytics
Get paid for your views in real money, not likes, or views, neither of which you can spend
Be part of a revolutionary new platform which will continue to develop and integrate new and unrivalled features

Upon joining us, you have the added advantage of supporting a site that is innovative and will continue to bring out new features unrivalled elsewhere

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