January '19 survey responses

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January '19 survey responses

Post by tomoswald » Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:51 pm

Firstly, thank you for the overwhelming amount of surveys we had back. We had a 100 survey limit and it took about 6 hours to get them all back.
We plan to try and do these quarterly and will be using them to determine the direction the platform moves in. Which, on that note, some very interesting things came up out of the survey, some of them got asked for so many times we have dropped everything to bring them out in the next update. These are:

True full screen images
AD free viewer option for Pro accounts
Users will receive credits when they upload that they can use to 'capture' more users as they sign up
All suggested users are now only active accounts that have logged in within the last 4 weeks, thus ensuring users don't end up following dormant accounts

As for the rest of the feedback we will aim to get all of the quantitative work done prior to any major new features. We picked the most prominent points and added feedback which you can see below:

What do you least like about Clickasnap?
Not being able to add photos in a desired order within albums
To be done

The presentation of the images.
This unfortunately is extremely subjective, we are open to suggestions however

You cannot chat directly with each other
This is something we have been keen to bring in for some while, we will aim to get it in this year

Long loading times for part of the subpages. Display quality could be improved, a lot.
We can improve the loading times on the sub pages, display quality is already higher than any other site, scientifically speaking.

The navigation among recent photos, when you open one link you are navigating among the photographer gallery, I believe that Will be better for interact with more users, that the navigating could be among the recent photos.
The site originally did this, however, most wanted it to navigate through the photographer rather than random recent uploads

I can only use it (properly) on my home PC. It doesn't work well on my phone and doesn't work at all on my tablet, or the PC in my office.
Please inform us of phone type and browser and we can look into this. As to why it won’t work on your office pc this could be because your employer has various website blocking scripts running

I find it visually very cluttered--every page has so much stuff going on it's distracting from the photos.
Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of information that needs to be conveyed to the viewer, this is however under constant refinement and what you see today may not necessarily be what’s there tomorrow

Hard to determine the way photos are chosen as favorite. No picture is chosen by number of views it seems to be random.
Front page photos are calculated by how many paid views the photo gets within a given time frame. It is not predicated on total views, time on site or any other factor

Site bugs
If you come across a bug please report it to us, there are almost an infinite amount of variables involved between your browsing and our browsing so we may not always find a bug due to behavioural and technology differences

the platform isn't able to create a standard photosharing platform ...the developer concentrates on too many features without enough manpower...just get the basics right first...
I agree to an extent, however, it is a balancing act, the site must generate revenue as it’s growing or it goes bust, therefore, we tend to work on paid features, then platform wide features and back to paid features etc

Unable to enlarge the photos for viewing on a smartphone.
If you could inform us of the smartphone involved we can look into it

Promises made are not always followed through
I’m not aware of a promise made that has not been followed through yet. Please be aware when I say something, it doesn’t mean it will be carried out immediately, and the platform is extremely fluid with finite resources, so a priority one day can be superseded the next

The picture browsing experience for normal visitors.
We are adding in the option for pro accounts to turn off advertising for viewers

Not getting any payment for non-member views. They shouldn't count as much as member views, maybe $0.01 per 50 views.
You are paid for every view equally, if you are seeing high bounce rates (eg high views but low paid views) then your content is not capturing their attention. I would suggest writing a longer description, and ensuring the image is titled. Untitled images have far lower paid view rates as they tend to be regarded as ‘spam’

I wish that the viewing screen was a little larger.
This is going to be addressed

Lack of exposure, I've uploaded images to Flickr that have over a thousand views within a few days, that same images here struggle to rise above the teen's 20's in the same period. There seems to be a limited time for views to build up before the moment is lost
Flickr is 14 years old with millions of users (it also has a huge number of bots generating fake views) Clickasnap is just over 2.5 years old and we don’t inflate views. Momentum is growing, it just takes time I’m afraid

On upload I do wish the Title and Description from the file's meta data was read to save from having to copy and paste for each upload.
If you could email me some example photos we can look into this

The marketplace shop organisation is very messy, so many thumbnails of the "same photo" as different products with the product descriptions cut off, the shop should contain just one thumbnail image of all available "photos" in the shop, and then under that thumbnail image "only once the thumbnail is clicked" to then show what products are available to purchase for that image and shown underneath "as a list of clickable "product text descriptions", just text you click to choose the various products relating to that image.
Agreed, we have already started addressing this

Place items in the marketplace can be cumbersome
Agreed for multiple uploads, an automated marketplace will likely be introduced to relieve some of the burden

What is the one thing that annoys you the most about ClickASnap?

The sharing bug, having scrolled through a few users images and finding 9ne I want to share... It shares original image
We will look again into this. Admittedly not seen it myself however

Long waits especially in the 'products' and 'my uploads' sections.
This should have significantly improved since we brought in pagination. If you have thousands of products/uploads it is always going to be slightly slower

That I can't post nudes, as that is what I mainly shoot.
This is down to our advertisers unfortunately, not us. See the ‘Youtube advertising ban’ as an example

Uploading--there doesn't seem to be a way to add tags that are common to a group of photos to all the photos easily. I imagine you could code into the program that tags are "remembered from one photo to the next?.
Will look into

very small amount of payment for each view-- Likes should be paid double or more
The payments are entirely dependent on advertising revenue, I’d love to pay you £1 per view but the market won’t support it. As for likes being a double payment, likes don’t produce revenue therefore we can’t increase the rewards for it unfortunately!

Cutting off descriptions
Could a link for this be posted to me?

Not able to order prints of your own photos
Very keen to add this, so yes it will be coming in

The lack of being able to browse the pictures in real full screen.
This can be done, but the adverts would have to be placed into the photo itself or there is no revenue to support the per view payments

The forum - specifically, not being able to click on someone's name to get to their (photographic) home page. This is something that you used to be able to do in the past, but can't any longer. I think that it makes it harder to engage with other people.
Agreed, will see if this can be actually done. The forum is effectively a separate website, so I’m sure it’s possible, just how much work is involved in it

The Shop where photos for sale are listed. I am not a designer but there must be a better way to display this information. It is vastly different from those I have seen on other sites and it seems cluttered. I don't think many buyers are coming in to the site but eventually they will and we should be displaying this info better. You may want to look at FineArtAmerica.com and see how there's is done. It seems pretty good.
Agreed, already on the todo list

people scrolling through and liking the thumbnail images like button instead of clicking the thumbnail and viewing the full photo and spending 5mins for a paid view then liking it on the full photo view, maybe remove the like button from thumbnails feeds so they view the full page photo
This is a tricky one, removing the ‘like’ button from the feed may not necessarily increase click throughs to your image, however, it will reduce the interaction between users. We will likely do some experiments at a later date however

If we could implement one feature, what would you like to see?

Direct communication between users
This seems to be a very popular request, we will explore it in 2019

Full screen - high quality viewing, very much like Flickr.
Being addressed

Private albums where I can have my nudes and with the option to pay to unlock those albums
This is a very expensive project, we would love to bring it in, but the demand isn’t there (to our knowledge) to make it a priority

Albums should show the album title when pointed to in a readable form

Prints of my own work via the site
Another popular one, will be addressed in 2019

Ability to share to Facebook and Twitter in the mobile version like we have in the regular version.
There is already share buttons to do this

Something to attract commercial buyers. Maybe a template for the pro accounts to set prices for commercial use of their images.
We have stock photography aspects of the site designed, just need to have the time to manage and release them

appraisal and constructive critique
This will likely happen in time

AMS by album
Agreed, 2019

What would you most like to see implemented or improved and how?
Automated marketing by being able to select which phots/album to market. So could be seasonal or images in user store etc
Better performance in terms of speed and display quality. You come up with 'how'.
This is something we are always working on, it’s a balancing game. We could make the site super-fast but the quality of the photos has to be lowered, or we can give you 8k resolution but you’re going to have to pay us to distribute that level of data

When you upload photos easily add them to multiple albums. 2. Easier to add tags common to multiple photos. 3. Option to view photos in larger size. 4. On upload page, reverse the two buttons for "add all to category" "add all to album" so they match the same buttons below on each photo upload. It looks clumsy with them reversed. 5. It isn't too clear why a description helps in addition to tags?
Agree with all of this. As for (5) the description does 2 things 1) it tells people what the photo is, creates a story and keeps them on the page and 2) Google will not index a page unless it has at least a paragraph of written content

Again, when an album is pointed to, it displays only a few letters of the title. It would be better if the title would appear in a popup so it can be seen. Also would be nice to be able to select the photo you want for the album "cover" photo.
Agreed, will address 2019

photo challenges
We did these for a few months, we will certainly be looking back into it

The ability to add geo location information, this would attract a larger audience of people who travel.
This can be added

Support for multi language for buttons, navigation, menus etc.
Under the terms of our advertising the site must be 95% English only

back buttons instead of having to keep going round in circles
Agreed, if there are any specific places please let me know

Allow non-pornographic nudes. Give users the option if they want to see them or not.
Any nudity is frowned upon by our advertisers. It’s not our choice unfortunately. This will likely change as we get bigger however

Add free for even public visiting "Pro accounts" marketplace shop and profiles. This would make it more professional looking and user friendly without potential shop purchasers feeling they are being spammed by 4 adverts on every page all over the pages, it looks very unwelcoming.
Agreed, in progress

The way pictures are showing in searches - you get too many uploads by 1 person taking up half a page. I would like to see only the 1st upload of the day by anyone showing in searches. I would like to find my own pics. too !
Difficult one, but something we can look at. How are you searching for your photos?

The forums need to be improved and ease of navigation to blogs
Something that can be addressed

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Re: January '19 survey responses

Post by tomoswald » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:05 pm

Full size screen previews implemented on beta
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgse5SE ... e=youtu.be

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