Making money is not so easy

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Making money is not so easy

Post by kevinmcgphoto » Tue May 05, 2020 4:15 pm

These are the general stats for the last month, Can you really make money on here as there were only 102 sales last month out of 664,717 views has anyone else made real money on here ? :roll:

General stats
Signups: 1,365
Users: 50,482
Images Uploaded: 21,664
Images sold: 102 (83 downloads)
Images viewed: 664,717
Average time on page: 31 seconds
Average Sale price: £3.23

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Re: Making money is not so easy

Post by tomoswald » Tue May 05, 2020 4:19 pm

Comparing sales to views is not an accurate comparison. Visitors vs sales is a more accurate comparison

Making money is never easy. We supply you with state of the art systems to help you sell your photos with extremely low upfront costs, but we do not guarantee sales, and neither is Clickasnap solely a photo selling platform like fine art america. You can go and spend $100 a year on flickr or $238 on 500px and only have somewhere just to upload your photos for example. Or, you can join fineart america pay them $30 per year and try and sell photos with enormous markups, some as high as $50, as well as only having somewhere to sell your photos (if you want to share them online on a pro site you also have to pay to use flickr as well as fineart anerica) Ultimately the more work you put into finding out what people want to buy and making sure they know about it the more likely you will make sales.

We're also in a worldwide pandemic, i suspect people buying random photos off the internet are very rare

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Re: Making money is not so easy

Post by AJ-Stoves-Photo » Sat May 09, 2020 10:31 am

Hi Kevin

I've been here for about 6 months on the Pro account from the start, I've sold 3 downloads at £5 each made just under £14 once ClickASnap have taken there small cut from the sale, I've also made about $8 from photo views, so can you make money from ClickASnap, the answer is yes, but if your real question is 'can I make loads of money quickly from this site' then I'd say not yet, but with whats coming in the future then I'd stick around even on the free account you're making a load more than you'd do by sharing on facebook, instragram, flickr and twitter lol just by the views..... hope this helps

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Re: Making money is not so easy

Post by JLowPhotos » Sun May 10, 2020 10:46 am

I'll add to this by saying that I've just had my weekly visitors report from Fine Art America and I've had a grand total of 80. Meanwhile on Clickasnap I've had 184 (according to the figures I get from Google Analytics) so I have made about 27cents in the last week on here yet nothing at all on FAA. Also I have made just short of $31 on views alone on here plus I have sold 8 downloads but 5 of them were given away free so I've made £5.13 after fees for the 3 downloads I've sold for profit.

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