Site updates and bug fixes during Coronavirus

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Site updates and bug fixes during Coronavirus

Post by tomoswald » Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:28 am

As many of our users know, we try and bring out updates at a breakneck speed to keep both our content creators and their audience happy. This has been running at a cost of approximately £10,000 per month for 4 years to get us to where we are today.

We don't know how this virus is going to affect our business, our cashflow or our audience as it is absolutely unprecedented in our lifetimes. I for one will do everything i can to get this business through to the other side as i have made huge sacrifices financially, personally and with my health to get it to where we are today, which is a viable business with, up till this virus happened, revenue doubling year on year and this year set to quadruple.

Therefore, as of today we will not be bringing out any major updates until this is over. We won't be addressing any bugs unless they physically stop the use of the platform either by our audiences or our content creators.

We will review this monthly however, and if we suddenly have a huge amount of bored home photographers join then we shall certainly continue to invest as we have before.

We are also exploring any avenue we can to boost our revenues and cash reserves during these terrible times

We have, as a priority for this business, maintained exceptionally low overheads to avoid situations where cash flow could become an issue and to ensure we don't have to desperately look for investment, we have enough funds in the bank, assuming zero cash flow to keep this platform running for 1 year, and if current cash flows are maintained we can operate indefinitely

If you have any questions, or would like to take part in our bond (viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1667) then please contact me

I wish you all good health

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