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Post by foreigner » Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:40 pm

My name is Nathan. I'm from the USA (Pacific northwest), but live most of the time in Bolivia. I started dabbling with photography with a Canon AE-1 about 18 years ago. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor budget to get serious about photography, but am slowly improving my technique, both in composition and post-processing.

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Re: Who are you?

Post by naturemanartogra » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:01 am


Am a big kid at heart and love all the Disney films. Alice in wonderland and the clip of the worm asking who are you. Thought it tied in with the topic here.

My name is Henry and I live in Scotland in the UK in a region called Fife. Or if I say the fourth bridges and am on the other side from Edinburgh. Fell in love with the countryside and start to take photographs from a young boy and 8-10 years old. Both went hand in hand from that time. Self tote anything that I know about photography. For those that remember them, started with an 110 camera. As soon as I took more shoots and zoom, bought my first compact 35mm camera. When this got limiting what I could do, move on the slr 35mm (pre digital). Then moved over the dlsr when the prices came down. Now just waiting for the mirror less camera to come down in price :lol:

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