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I’ m Fotios Papadopoulos, born in Thessaloniki in 1968. I studied Architecture Engineering in my hometown.
My interest in photography started in my early teenage years when I used my fathers Agfa Camera. As soon as I gathered some money I bought my first camera, a Canon A1.
During my Architectural studies I organized a dark room and started developing b&w films and printing my own photos.
The digital era came and found me in a confusion. Should I embrase the “new movement” or stick to the “real art”?
Using compact digital cameras, mostly for family pictures, I gradually realized the great potential of the new age and bought my first DSLR.
My favorite subject is flowers, because I like walking arround gardens to get the shots.
I also shoot landscapes trying to include in the frame threatening clouds, ready for rain or peaceful ships waiting for resupply in Thessaloniki’s harbour.
I continuously try to develop my photographic skills and I try to be as honest as it gets between my camera and the subject I am shooting.

All uploads are mine, unless otherwise stated, and subject to copyright. © Fotios Creations For more images and purchases Contact: