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Frank's Awesome Travels
Frank's Awesome Travels
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I love travelling to foreign countries. As far as photograpy is concerned I tend to like nature, landscapes and architectural structures best.

Going back in time through my travels to upload carefully selected photos on here, going back and forth between various trips (see below). A few of my favorite places in the world are San Francisco, USA and Perth, Australia.

All photos are taken by myself, hence the tiny watermark in the corner.
All photos are available as digital downloads, some also as prints and/or canvas. If you have a special request for a product with one of my photos just let me know.
© FvdRidder, All rights reserved. All downloads are made available for personal, educational and charitable use only and may not be used for commercial use without prior permission. Should you wish to purchase a licence for commercial or stock use, please contact me via to discuss further.

Since 2017 I am using a NIKON D5300 DSLR camera, before that I was using the D3200 model and before 2012 some Sony point-and-shoot cameras. I do not use Photoshop or any other type of enhancing software, except for converted pre-digital ones.

Travels covered so far:
1986: Indonesia, Asia
2012: Iguaçu Falls, Argentina / Brazil
2012: Berlin, Germany
2012: Gotland, Sweden
2012: Orlando & St. Augustine, Florida
2012: London, UK
2013: Newcastle & Durham, UK
2013: Gran Canaria, Spain
2013: Berlin, Germany
2014: Uruguay, South America
2014: Gotland, Sweden
2014: Scotland, United Kingdom
2014: Bahamas
2014: Orlando, Florida
2015: Curaçao, Dutch Antilles
2015: Gotland, Sweden
2015: San Francisco, USA
2015: Road trip SW USA
2015: Orlando, Florida
2016: Road trip NW USA & Canada
2016: Perth, Western Australia
2017: Kefalonia, Greece
2017: Gotland, Sweden
2017: Solar eclipse, Nashville, USA
2017: Perth & SW Australia
2018: Copenhagen, Denmark
2018: Cruise North Cape, Norway
2018: Budapest, Hungary
2018: Singapore, Asia
2019: Las Vegas, USA
2019: Road trip USA
2019: O'ahu, Hawai'i, USA
2019: Brisbane & Melbourne, Australia
2020: Perth, Western Australia
2020: Road trip Perth - Karijini, WA
2021: Discovering The Netherlands

Still planned:
2002: London, UK
2002: New York, USA
2003: Perth, Western Australia
2003: Malta, Europe
2004: Toscane, Italy, Europe
2005: Paris, France, Europe
2005: Malta, Europe
2006: New York, USA
2007: Vienna, Austra, Europe
2007: San Francisco, USA
2007: Hawai'i, USA
2008: Stockholm, Sweden, Europe
2008: London, UK
2008: Malaga, Spain, Europe
2008: New York, USA
2008: Rome, Italy, Europe
2008: Ålesund, Norway, Europe
2009: Curaçao, Dutch Antilles
2009: France, Europe
2009: Shanghai, China
2009: Barcelona, Spain, Europe
2009: Birmingham, England, UK
2009: Phuket, Thailand, Asia
2010: New Orleans, USA
2010: Malaga, Spain, Europe
2010: Orlando, Florida
2011: Caribbean cruise
2012: Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012: Uruguay, South America
2012: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012: France, Europe
2013: Southampton, England, UK
2013: Orlando, Florida, USA
2014: Ghent, Belgium, Europe
2014: Wales, UK, Europe
2015: Faroer Islands
2016: Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
2016: Iceland, Europe
2016: Orlando, Florida, USA
2017: Toronto, Canada
2017: Road trip Nashville-N'Orleans
2017: Orlando, Florida, USA
2018: Valencia, Spain, Europe
2018: San Francisco, USA
2018: Road trip England & Wales
2018: Cruise Singapore-Sydney
2018: Road trip SE Australia
2019: Perth, Western Australia
2019: Singapore, Asia
2019: Bus tour Ireland
2019: Orlando, Florida, USA
2019: San Francisco, USA
2019: Cruising the Pacific
1987: Road trip SW USA
1985: Greece, Europe
1988: Malaysia, Asia
1989: Spain, Europa
1990: Curaçao & Bonaire
1991: Curaçao, Dutch Antilles
1991: Portugal, Europe
1992: Malta, Europe
1994: New Orleans, USA
1995: Gran Canaria, Spain
1996: Denmark, Europe
1999: Portugal, Europe
2001: Vienna, Austra, Europe