Gaming Photos

Gaming has accelerated at hyper speed since the days of Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Today, you can navigate through endless landscapes in real time and communicate with other gamers as if they were sitting next to you. Esports is now a huge market, with players making millions from simply playing a video game. Incredible.

When the gaming world evolves, so does gaming photography. Even in the mid 80s, around the birth of the NES and Sega Master System, people were taking pictures of gameplay, for use in magazines and for their own photo album.

Now, images of gaming landscapes, characters, cars and weaponry are now sought-after artwork. But you don?t necessarily need a photographer. Thanks to the joys of in-game photography and screen shots, any player can now capture incredible gameplay images; gameplay images to use however you like, for any project.

Media art, as it is known, is available online for any application. If you need gaming images for inspiration or for a project. As the game worlds become more beautiful, players have taken a keen interest in the environment that they spend their time in and enjoy sharing those results with you.

Photo modes are pretty much a standard feature in games today, which gives the player the control to mimic real world photographers by adjusting framing, lighting and exposure.

You can even take your own face and put it on a character?

This is just asking for millions of gameplay pictures to be uploaded to platforms all over the place.

Let's face it. The internet changed video gaming.
Huge billion-dollar organisations have been built on video games and entertainment in general.

Let's face it. The internet changed video gaming. Huge billion-dollar organisations have been built on video games and entertainment in general.

How do these companies grow? By showing their customers their product. The only way to do that is by capturing your product in perfect light. Any small-time gaming developer will need gaming image content which will find itself all over the world. Perhaps these video gaming pictures will be in your folder?

With all of this amazing gaming photography content out there, we can each pick and choose what suits our needs the most. Gaming Content Creators that specialise in the game world need gaming photos to accompany their work. Gameplay pictures for game reviewers are always needed, because how can they get their true opinion across without some kind of visual aid?

There are loads of games with dedicated virtual photographers, and dozens of online communities have been formed around the showcasing and sharing of the beauty that virtual worlds big, small, peaceful, and loud. These are all available for you to use as and how you need them.

Future games could even include virtual DSLR cameras, fully loaded with aperture and depth, manual focus, zoom, exposure adjustment, and flash. Basically, everything that a modern-day real-life photographer would have at their disposal.

Would virtual photography then be a valid form of photography? We think so!