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An eye to the artistic.

Hi I'm Gary I see my work as the best I can do. As a child I loved art drawing and painting but realised as a teenager that photos can be a canvas on which you can make art. I see photography not just as a way to document but also a way to create. I use light room with my images. When I'm out shooting I have in the back of my mind the light room tech and so I sometimes shoot with post processing in mind. like an artist who looks at a scene they never paint it as they see it but add their stamp. Creating atmosphere or stories is the aim I go for in a lot of my work, though take a lot of standard shots and believe me, I have tons of rubbish. All images are taken and owned by me. Also for everyone that steals other people's images and passes them off as their own, you guys are sad. Get a camera and go look and see, its not rocket science taking photos, who knows you might be good at it! Well thank you for viewing my work and hope i can return in kind. Regards Gaz