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Gianluigi PAGHI
Gianluigi PAGHI
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I have been a photo enthusiast for quiet sometime and then I gave up for almost a decade. Only recently I have started to go out again shooting subjects looking through the lens with a different eye thank to a handful of friends and professional photographers that re-ignited the spark again in me. I am using an Olympus OMD Em-1 Mark 2, with 3 main lenses: 7-14mm Pro ƒ2.8, 12-40mm Pro ƒ.2.8, and a 40-150mm Pro ƒ: 2.8. Occasionally, due to the power of eBay and online shopping means, I go around town with a Leica 50mm ƒ:2.0 Summicron (which I usually use with an M3 Leica body) mounted on my OMD on which it become a 100mm due to the crop factor. More to come....
Happy snapping