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I've been doing photography for some years now and decided to start putting my work "out there". I love that moment when you see a fantastic shot and you nail it ... but how often I've sensed a photo, taken it, and only when home realised just how good it was. We live in such amasing world. I hope my photos can at least try to bring that to myself, and to people who I share them with. I've done some commercial video work and always try to incorporated photography into that ... I think it gives impact, some pause time, and adds to the video itself. I also fly a Drone … wow, it’s such a new and amasing way to take some incredible photos and video . People often ask "What kind of photography do you do?” I'm always a bit reluctant to put myself into a box so to speak. Seems to me as a photographer I’m always looking for new shapes, colours, images, people, and scapes. So in my work on ClickASnap I hope to bring as wide a range of photos (my art) as possible. Hope you like them ...