Mute Swan(Cygnus olor) - Back lit Cygnet
Great Spotted Woodpecker(Dendrocopos major) - Female feeding chick in Nest
Swan(Cygnus olor) - Dad and Cygnet Close Up
Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - Drinking on the Wing
Shelduck(Tadorna tadorna) - Mother and duckling day out
Swan(Cygnus olor) - Cygnet Playing Hide and Seek
Robin(Erithacus rubecula) - Looking quite Regal
Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea) - Juvenile Fishing
Chilean Flamingo(Phoenicopterus chilensis) - Staring down the lens
Male Pheasant(Phasianus colchicus) Passing through a daisy field
Moorhen(Gallinula chloropus) - Juvenile wide angle portrait
Mute Swan(Cygnus olor) - Cygnets
Mute Swan(Cygnus olor) - Family Outing
Avocet(Recurvirostra avosetta) - Four chicks revealed
Avocet(Recurvirostra avosetta) - Have you seen any chicks around here?
Mallard Ducklings(Anas platyrhynchos) On Floating Log
Gannet(Morus bassanus) Coming into land with nesting material
Female Kingfisher(Alcedo atthis) with Large Fish
Lapwing(Vanellus vanellus) Showing all it's Glorious Colour
Coot(Fulica atra) - Pair of Juveniles

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?
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Mute Swan(Cygnus olor) - Back lit Cygnet

Well you knew it wouldn't be long before I started with the Cygnet photos. First chance I have had to get back to my local lake in a couple weeks and I was met by four little stunners.

So from six eggs we have four cygnets that look about a week or so old. So not sure how many hatched, but last year this adult pair raised three successfully, so fingers crossed they can go one better this year.

They seem to be very cautious this time as they stuck to the edges of the lake the whole time I was there. Not great for getting decent photographs, but here I did manage to get this photo of one as it was coming through a sunlit part of the lake, so when I noticed they would pass here I set my camera to over expose to get this effect, plus a little help in post ;)

Will be back in a couple days to hopefully get some better photos of this fab four.

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