Skulls Of Paris
Black Forest Cabin

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Skulls Of Paris

This is a shot from underneath the 'City Of Love' where the 'Catacombes' are located and filled with more than 6 million skulls and bones from the 18th century. May they all rest in peace.

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  • Created: 14th May 2003
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  • Crush'd Curiosity
    2 years ago
    Very dark
  • brumest
    3 years ago
    We have a chapel here in Portugal like that... The inside walls are completely covered with skulls and bones... Creepy place to visit. The name is "Capela dos Ossos" in Évora city.
    • Liquid Eye
      3 years ago
      That sounds interesting, i guess you took some shots there! It was heavily creepy walking through these catacombs underneath Paris,too.
      • brumest
        3 years ago
        Unfortunately they don't allow us to take pictures inside... I might have to go back there one of these days, in Photo Ninja mode.