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Black Forest Cabin

In the depth of the Black Forest the green is so strong that everything else just turns gray. I found this rotten cabin somewhere on the Friesenberg near Baden-Baden.

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  • Created: 1st May 2016
  • Uploaded: 20th August 2016
  • Category: Photo-manipulation
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  • garudaman
      1 year ago
      Very interesting find. I bet it would make a very interesting B&W conversion. With all that bright green, you might get some interesting tonal effects by adjusting the green channel. Just a thought.
      • Liquid Eye
          1 year ago
          i get what you mean, but if you look closely this is black and white and the only color in the picture is green. It's kind of a colorsplash. thanks for the idea though :)
      • homeartpictures
          1 year ago
          • Liquid Eye
              1 year ago
              Nope, 'ne alte Berghütte :)
              • homeartpictures
                  1 year ago
                  ok.... ich hab letzten was ähnliches gesehen das war aber ein bunker.....