Tree Silhouettes at Sundown
December Mushrooms
Oak Trees near the Paso Robles Train Station
Waiting for the Bus at Velta Circle in Paso Robles, California


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Tree Silhouettes at Sundown

This is my favorite place to frame sky shots -- between the oak and the palms across from my house on this corner.

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Canon PowerShot SX410 IS

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  • Created: 5th January 2018
  • Uploaded: 7th January 2018
  • Category: Landscape
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  • abbymain
    1 year ago
    Totally agree with Menno.Every cloud has a silver living or golden in this case !
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      They do look golden, don't they?
  • Menno Photography
    1 year ago
    Lovely tree silhouette ! I like these bizarre forms in trees as well as in lightnings......
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      Thanks. I've grown to love this oak.
  • Joe Lightheart
    1 year ago
    it's a nice spot. your neighbors must think there's that lady taking pictures of our tree again :)
    • barbrad
      1 year ago
      The neighbors there don't mind, but as I was photographing the sky last night a bit farther down the street, a man I've never seen walked his dog toward me and started yelling at me and threatening me not to take his photo. Said he'd get the police on my case for violating his privacy (on a public street). I explained I was photographing the sky, not him, but it was as if he didn't hear me. He was a real Scrooge type, and he kind of scared me.
      • Joe Lightheart
        1 year ago
        wow! Not what I would expect to hear in Calif. Reminds me of being in Mexico once. Taking a picture of a friend on the sidewalk in Tijuana and from a block away a man comes running up and says I need to pay him. I said for what? He said you took my picture! I did not pay him and I did not even know he was in the picture a block away...haha!
        • barbrad
          1 year ago
          I got scared to death in Tijuana years ago when a church group I was with went to visit an orphanage where one of our young people was a missionary. We had brought gifts from the USA. Before we crossed back across the border, we stopped at a marketplace. I picked up something to look at a price and then put it down and started to walk away. A man accused me of stealing it and threatened to call the police. I was scared to death after what I've heard about Mexican jails. A Chinese man with our group, who actually looked Mexican and spoke fluent Spanish came to my rescue. I couldn't get back across that border fast enough.