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Sounds of silence

early morning and foggy-something I almost never see or experience at home. very quiet and still


XF10-24mmF4 R OIS
  • Image type: image/jpeg
  • Exposure: 4/10
  • Resolution: 72/1
  • Created: 15th April 2018
  • Uploaded: 16th April 2018
  • Category: Nature
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  • vision
    1 day ago
    Yes I can feel it,the silence. Nice mood.
  • Ruud van den Breevaart
    1 week ago
  • bluedog photo. J.R. McClellan
    1 week ago
    I really love this one,very moody and beautiful.
  • Elenka Smilenova
    • Seller
    1 week ago
    I did not know that the sounds of silence were so beautiful
  • atiephotography
    1 week ago
  • Jim Anglin
    1 week ago
    Excellent moody scene Joe.
  • ButchReinhart
    • Seller
    1 week ago
    Lovely scene. Beautifully photographed.
  • Michael Flick Photography
    1 week ago
    Beautiful mood. I love foggy mornings like this :)
    • Joe Lightheart
      1 week ago
      Thank you very much, Michael! I am in the boonies and wifi is amazingly slow and intermittent, I am getting side eyed stares from the cafe staff as i am wearing out my welcome :)
  • Marius Radu
    1 week ago
    peaceful and mysterious :-)
  • Howard
    1 week ago
    Very calming image. I love these images where the the subject fades into the background. Do you follow Simon Baxter or Colin Bell? Lovely shot.
    • Joe Lightheart
      1 week ago
      Thank you very much, Howard! I've seen some of Simon Baxter but have not followed either of them. I will check them out now that you mentioned them.