Common Terns(Sterna hirundo) - Mid Air Altercation
Grey Wagtail(Motacilla cinerea) - Looking for food on Weir
Anti Vax Protest - Newcastle upon Tyne 29/08/21
Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea) - Staying Alive
Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea) - Cha Cha Slide
Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - In heavy rain shower
Redshanks(Tringa totanus) - Wading through the low water - High Key
Mute Swan Cygnets(Cygnus olor) - Room for One More?
Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea) - Annoying Feather
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - Summer Home with a View
Great Spotted Woodpecker(Dendrocopos major) - Juvenile
Grey Herons(Ardea cinerea) - Hanging Out
Blue Damselfly(Enallagma cyathigerum) - Laying Eggs
Common Terns(Sterna hirundo) - In flight with Fish
Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - Juvenile in Flight
Common Tern(Sterna hirundo) - Adult Feeding Juvenile
Juvenile Robin(Erithacus rubecula) - Mid Moult
Little Grebe(Tachybaptus ruficollis) - Feeding Chick
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - Feeding Chick
Kittiwake(Rissa tridactyla) - Adult on nest with two Chicks.

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?

Dylan Burgess - Bird Photography NE1?
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Common Terns(Sterna hirundo) - Mid Air Altercation

Living so close to your neighbours and having a short temper can lead to a few altercations. Here we have two Terns having a slight dispute mid air. they usually just last a short while and things cool again.

Now imagine a colony full of these birds and a threat comes too close....they all take to the air as one to distract and try to drive away any threat to the nests.

One the far side of this lake is my local Heronry, who nest before the Terns return and happily catch food in the lake and fly back and forth. But as soon as these birds start to nest the Herons change there behaviour and will not fly out over the lake, preferring to fly along the far shore. The young Herons tend to learn the hard way.....

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