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A glimpse of Matterhorn

A glimpse of Matterhorn on the way down to Tasch chalet.

Canon PowerShot A620

  • Image type: image/jpeg
  • Exposure: 1/800
  • Resolution: 180/1
  • Created: 31st August 2006
  • Uploaded: 20th March 2017
  • Category: Landscape
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  • bwoollard
      5 hours ago
      How can this photo fail. The matterhorn is such an iconic mountain. In some ways I hate including people in such pics but they add scale which is so important. You have a great collection of mountain photos.
    • Slooky-Kevin Rowan
        3 months ago
      • Andrew Gray
          3 months ago
          Very nice, great sense of scale
        • Crush'd Curiosity
            3 months ago
            Wow, great use of the person to really get a feel of the size of this place - position if particularly great - leads you eye nice from person to destination i.e. the moutain
          • CarolDM
              3 months ago
              Wow this is stunning.