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A moody beach evening (2)

Kühlungsborn, Germany


XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
  • Image type: image/jpeg
  • Exposure: 1/200
  • Resolution: 72/1
  • Created: 12th September 2017
  • Uploaded: 12th September 2017
  • Category: Travel
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  • Philip_Tranter_Photography
      1 week ago
      Just listened to schlager music on youtube (I never thought this website would be so educational). Surprised you managed to hold the camera still enough to take a photo as I have visions of you dancing on the beach!
      • Michael Flick Photography
          1 week ago
          :-D That music is so horribly bad, that I would more of having spasms than dancing ... look for the band Flippers to see the worst ...
      • Joe Lightheart
          1 week ago
          Oh what a feeling! Wonderful colors-excellent!
          • Michael Flick Photography
              1 week ago
              Thank you :) it's always great to watch the sun go down by the sea :) even if they were torturing me with german "schlager"-music :-D that's really cruel, believe me :)
              • Joe Lightheart
                  1 week ago
                  Haha! I just listened to some schlager music and it's lively and I'm surprised you didn't start singling along :)
                  • Michael Flick Photography
                      1 week ago
                      I'm surprised I didn't break down in spasms ... :) the only thing even worse I know is German Blasmusik :)