Boots in different places
risk scalding my rear
Sophie cracking up


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Boots in different places

Sunlight dying on us, as well as the energy our supermodel was using, she still pulls out wildcards. I asked her if she had anything more left in her to keep shooting. Having the characteristics of being a great model she is also extremely competitive! To the the extent that saying something like that to her will often simply fuel the fire. Placing boots in wildly different places shooting on this small bridge. The words hit her and all the while knowing exactly what I was trying to do she just turned it up to eleven anyway knowing inside she and I would not ever do this again anytime soon. Shoot in the UK with Browne. Almost like a telepathic "you want to keep going? Well I got it in me, shoot away ya crazy photographer! I will let you know when I am done!"
Light be everything, so her arm shaded her face a bit more than I wanted and bumped the exposure up a stop in Lr. But It is still a nutty pose; or rather one that i would not have thought of! She is a fun being to work with. While I can last all night long, I respectfully let go and let the shoot come to an end as I saw the looks on both her face and Mike Browne's. Good times.

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