Natasha and her fabulous sneakers
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Natasha and her fabulous sneakers

first shoot with a model. Natasha Fisher was loaded with energy. Towards the end, I could feel that she was tired... so was I. Last shot that I love to this day, was from a long way away. Always will remember her awesome sneakers. Girl is hip! and has a huge imagination.
I asked to try this bit before we legged it for some food. I have practiced Mike Browne's focal length exercise so many times, I wanted to give it a go with this beautiful subject. It has been, and still is practice with a coke can in the park. Thousands of times .
People look at me as I practiced shooting the same composition over and over again in the snow during the winter at home. I need the space. I smile and they continue on their way. Frozen by the time I arrive home several hours later:)

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