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the volcano was erupting in a fountain shooting skyward and as it rained bits of lava back to the ground it created the hill that I am standing on. It killed the forest that was here.

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  • Uploaded: 13th September 2017
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  • Elenka Smilenova
      2 months ago
      Branch creates an illusion of - a snake in the wilderness
    • vision
        2 months ago
        Great scene. I like the accent you created with the dried tree branch.
        • Joe Lightheart
            2 months ago
            Thank you vision-not much else here but the volcanic cinders, with dead trees and new plants. The pink plants in front of the branch is pink clover, a pretty ground cover plant :)
        • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
            2 months ago
            Amazing view. I find your history and pics of the volcanos fastenating, Joe.
          • ButchReinhart
            • Seller
            2 months ago
            Great composition. Holds a persons attention.
          • Raimundas Vai┼ínora
              2 months ago
              Beautiful shot of a scary place with lovely foreground element ;-)
            • Michael Flick Photography
                2 months ago
                That sounds quite scary ...
                • Joe Lightheart
                    2 months ago
                    Most of Hawaii's volcanoes are safe to watch since they are not explosive-some need to be seen from a farther distance than others, and some eruptions and lava flows you could walk right up to them. I've even seen people stick their boot into a lava finger and instant flames and melted rubber :)