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Brett Hondow

Brett Hondow
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Acrea Moth (Estigmene acrea).jpg

A Salt Marsh moth, or Acrea moth is another name for it. These are starting to appear now at the onset of Spring, at least in my area. This one is a male as it has more black spots on the wings. It's wings are raised because it doesn't really like to be touched, kind of a defense pose.
I was lucky enough to get this one shot before it put its wings back down. Unfortunately, the shot clipped off the tip of his wing so I had to do some nifty editing to rebuild a wingtip.
He now resides outside our front door... probably still resting on the door wreath where I put him.
Thank you, Mr. Moth for the memories. :)

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  • Uploaded: 16th March 2019
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  • MarkChinn
    5 months ago
    Wow. Beautiful!
  • Richard Brookes
    5 months ago
    Lovely shot Brett, good timing!
    • Brett Hondow
      5 months ago
      Thanks Richard, just a lucky shot. :)
  • Marius Radu
    6 months ago
    Nice colors and details.
  • ButchReinhart
    • Seller
    6 months ago
    Great macro and edit. Beautifully photographed.
    • Brett Hondow
      6 months ago
      Thank you Butch, this was no more than a lucky shot. I was using a tripod with natural light. The background was fake (don't tell anybody) and was staged in our apartment. :)