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Dreams of children

sun rise and a colorful sky - the field below is where the children play soccer and football. This picture was taken from the Ben Franklin Craft store parking lot.

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  • Uploaded: 19th June 2017
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  • Daniel Ausec
      3 months ago
      From a store parking just never know ! very nice
    • Kipcio
        4 months ago
        Great shot :)
      • Elenka Smilenova
          4 months ago
          Feel the thrill that you and the Sun are one. This is a great thing. And kids are always happy when there are games.
          • Joe Lightheart
              4 months ago
              Thank you, Elenka. I always enjoy your interesting comments!
          • Joanne Collicott McGuigan
              4 months ago
              Love the purple hue of the sky and the way you framed this with the tree.
            • Olga N
                4 months ago
                Just beauty!!!
              • CarolDM
                  4 months ago
                  Absolutely breathtaking Joe.