Touching the ocean
Orange glow
It's getting darker
Rocks after sunset
A peaceful walk
Just keep walking
Trying to get through
After a long day
A new day begins
Exploring the reef
Ocean veggies
Lots of fishies
Parrot in the ocean
Made it to the ocean
Hiking on a hot day
Surviving the heat
Turquoise waters
Termites in paradise
Wonders of nature
Turquoise romance
All alone
Almost stepped on it
Orange sky
All over the place
Muddy river
Road to awesomeness
Going down
Insanely hot
Stacked rocks
Red & Green
No walking
Fern pool
Fairytale falls
Swimming allowed
Deep down
Milky Way #1
Milky Way #2
Milky Way #3
Bigger than big
Flooded in pink
Water over road
We can pass
Cottage for the night
Trees at sunset
Milky Way #4
Milky Way #5
Dynamite view
Sleepy koala
Grass tree
Black cockatoo
Longest Southern hemisphere jetty
1841 meters long
There's a train too
Halfway on the jetty
Allie's landing
Where to go next
Jetty remnants
Hamelin Bay
Waiting for its owner
Quarry Bay
Lighthouse in the distance
Skippy Rock
Cape Leeuwin lighthouse at sunset
Rocks in the sun
Sunset at the cape
Eating the sun
Early morning light
Early morning lighthouse
Cape Leeuwin lighthouse
Up and beyond
Where two oceans meet
Shining bright
Southern ocean view
Majestic tingle tree
Starting the treetop walk
Great views from the top
Between the trees
Impressive construction
Ancient Empire walk
Greens Pool
Postcard perfect
Pretty cold water
Inviting water
The lonely sunbather
Waterfall Beach
Cutting a path
Ah there's the waterfall
Not much of a waterfall
View from the waterfall
Silvery stream
Madfish Bay
Outside the bay
Pretty strong natural bridge
Great fun climbing rocks
The gap
Do not jump
Smoky sunset
Smoke blocking the sunset
Fiery red sky
Smoke infected sky
Visiting Hamersley Inlet
View of the beach
Reached the inlet
Totally deserted beach
Interesting rocks
Strolling through rocks
Amazing beach
Leaving the inlet
Four Mile Beach
Lucky to be at Lucky Bay
Clear waters at Lucky Bay
Pristine beach at Lucky Bay
A rainy sunset
Pure tranquility
The whitest sand
Roaming the waves
Rossiter Bay
Hellfire Bay
Another great bay
Looks so inviting
Hidden treasure
Past the rocks
Filling up the bay
Quite the hike down
Huge granite rocks
Exquisite bay
Stunning beach
That's a huge rock
Overlooking the cove
Wave Rock
Surfing a rock
Leaving Wave Rock
Storm is coming
Fiery red sky
Rainy red sky
Dramatic sunset
Lonely tree at sunset
Early morning
Enjoying the beach
View from the cabin
Last rays of sunshine
Just go around it
Living rocks
Climbing the hills
Just one of many
Birds in the bay
Life as it once started
Prehistoric life
Watch out for the dolphins
I see you
Billions of tiny shells
Let's find some shells
Crossing emu
The golden tree
The other side
The hole sunset
Dolphin experience
Low tide walk
Empty road
Nosy emu
Pretty in pink
Shadows playing
Yellow pillars
Hangover bay
More sand, more dunes
The shacks
Wedge between worlds
Hot and dry
White sand everywhere
Welcome to Lancelin
Insanely white
An other-worldly drive
Crawling to the top
Limestone sunset
Salty and pink
It says 'Pink lake'
Power of the sea
Dramatic coastline
Hippies are forever
Natural bridge
Stay or go?
OMG, he's coming!
Preparing for the night
Watching the sun go down
Gloomy day
Conquering the dunes

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Touching the ocean

Got myself on one of the dunes around Coral Bay to experience this great sunset.

Coral Bay is a small coastal settlement located 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) north of Perth, in the Shire of Carnarvon in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. Bordered by the Ningaloo Reef, it is a popular tourist destination and largely owes its survival to revenue derived from wildlife tourism. Coral Bay is a unique location in that the reef fringes the water's edge, making it easily accessible for snorkellers. The climate is arid, and waters are generally warm year-round due to the subtropical nature of the area. The 2016 census recorded a population of 207.

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