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Snowy landscape over the mountains

Paltinis, Sibiu, Romania

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  • Uploaded: 7th January 2019
  • Category: Landscape
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  • 6okolad4e
    1 year ago
    It's like a winter fairy tale! Stunning!
  • Jim Bradley
    • Seller
    • Pro
    1 year ago
    Fine image Marius. I like the bleakness too.
    • Marius Jianu
      1 year ago
      Thank you, mr. Bradley, I appreciate it!
  • socialtruant
    1 year ago
    Looks very bleak.
    • Marius Jianu
      1 year ago
      That is what I liked about it. I just regret that I didn't have a better camera, had to take it with my phone and the quality is poor.