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Too Many Sheep, Not Enough Sheds

Too Many Sheep, Not Enough Sheds. After my previous shot, “Roll Call – Everyone Out”, Peter Millar has pointed out, quite rightly, that sheep should be outside not in sheds. So, especially for Peter, here are some sheep getting their breakfast, outside, in a blizzard.

Canon EOS 6D

EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
  • Image type: image/jpeg
  • Exposure: 1/500
  • Resolution: 72/1
  • Created: 4th March 2018
  • Uploaded: 13th March 2018
  • Category: Landscape
  • Views: 32
  • Likes: 28

  • Marius Radu
      2 days ago
      That's nice, Howard. Despite wind and snow the shot has a peaceful look :-)
      • Howard
          2 days ago
          I have really enjoyed getting these minimalist shots in the snow especially when the sky and horizon are not distinguishable.
      • Joe Lightheart
          4 days ago
          makes for a nice subject and photo
          • Howard
              3 days ago
              Cheers, I've still got a few snow pictures that I might post and more snow is due at the weekend. I've not seen any lambs yet?
          • Denise Savage
              4 days ago
              Their wool would be invaluable at this moment.
              • Howard
                  3 days ago
                  Yes, I agree, also, they are doing well to find some grass.
              • himalayan media
                  4 days ago
                • Howard
                    4 days ago
                    Thanks to Elenka Smilenova for sharing.