• 9th Jun 2016, 16:03

    Love the Photo. I had to do a double take as this cat looks just like mine.

  • 13th Mar 2016, 16:30

    Cute cat photo :) hehe... We have a Chartreux grey cat I used to have a black cat like this one when I was young. Nice photo!

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Kim Fearn Photography

AC4A0009_midget_Feb 2016_01_facebook resize and sharpen.jpg

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  70-200mm   f/2.8   ISO 5000
  • Image type:image/jpeg
  • Exposure:1/320
  • Resolution:72/1
  • Created:16th February 2015
  • Uploaded:8th March 2016
  • Category:Sport
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